Saturday, 31 August 2013

PaperArtsy #3UP PATWITS challenge - A box full of mementos

When I signed up to take part in the PAtwits challenge, I never thought I'd receive such a generous package to play with. Initially I was stumped but after getting ink on those stamps they started talking to me and ideas formed. Now you might be asking where does the green I've used come from but if you look closely at my colour swatch you'll see a fine stripe of green on it!
So from receiving the above goodies I turned them into 
A box full of mementos

If you want the full details and a look at the other #3UP pieces then hop over to PaperArtsy's blog
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Leandra and Mark for letting me take part in their challenge, it's been brilliant, 
Thank you both.
Karin x


Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Absolutely gorgeous Karin!!
Love those stamps you received, you have rocked them!!!

massofhair said...

You received some fabulous stamps for the #3UP challenge, i admit if i had received them i would have been a little stumped.

Amazing project, so much to see and so many layers. Love interesting and creative projects, you can see the hard work that went into your project:-)

Kaz Brown said...

this is really gorgeous Karin, absolutely love what you did with that little canvas and frame, was a tough one i thought!! x

Carol Q said...

love this Karin - you did brilliantly with your selection.

Francesca said...

Lucky you, some fabulous bits to play with. Beautiful creation, well done! Love Francesca

Marita Soutar said...

Love your finished project. just gorgeous! Looks like you had lots of fun! I'm playing too but not sure what night.

Alison said...

Love what you created with your goodies! Fantastic project Karin! x

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