Monday, 19 January 2015

Art Feeds Your Soul

Here's my Life Book week 3 piece that I created yesterday. Instead of using watercolours I used my inktense pencils. Looks like I need to loosen up a little to get this technique right, there should be more white areas and more painting outside of the lines, I was happy with the greens blending into the blue but that's really where I draw the line. lol
All of my Life Book projects are done on 12" x 9"
Thanks for taking the time to look.

Karin x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

 LB 2015 Warm-up exercise

Here's my first and warm up piece for Life Book 2015. 
In fairness to Tam and all the teachers on Life Book I can't share any of the details of any Life Book makes but if you're curious then why not join in. 
You'll find out all the details here

Thanks for looking in.
Karin x

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