Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Creative Mixed Media and Paint Canvas

On Sunday just gone, Francesca and I went to the Craft Barn, we took part in a 
creative mixed media and paint workshop ran by Andy Skinner. Which is where I created the above canvas. We didn't get the chance to complete it at the workshop and I needed a very fine paintbrush to get some of the detail on the lady. I very nearly totally obliterated her with one of the final coats of paint so her face has altered yet again, her left eye looks most odd because it's right over texture and looks ok close-up so not sure how to correct that so I've decided to leave it as it is.

So.........can you guess who she's meant to be, no giving it away if you were at the class ;-)
Thanks for passing by, any comments good or bad are appreciated.

Yes, you're all right it is Audrey Hepburn


Alison said...

This is gorgeous Karin...looks like it was a great class! Is that Audrey? A little bit of imperfection is always good in my books! x

whyducks said...

Looks fantastic, mine is still sitting unfinished! Great work! i wonder if Andy has recovered yet!

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Audrey Hepburn???
Great textural piece.

Marita Soutar said...

I can't guess who she is but love it anyway. The texture is just fabulous!

Francesca said...

You aleast have finished yours, and it looks good. I have started a new one. See you next week. Love Francesca

Kaz Brown said...

love the texture and colours, it's audrey hepburn? fantastic canvas, sounds like a great workshop. ;)

Carol Q said...

I would have said Audrey Hepburn?? Fabulous texture on that canvas Karin.

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