Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy Birthday Chloé

My daughter is 17 years old  today! Since she started college earlier in the current academic year she has been very interested in Magic a gathering so I've pieced together this card for her. It took me a few hours getting the metal foil marked and stretched and to a colour that looked OK with the image, it started off gold. I would have like to have done more with this card especially as it's for such a special person but my right hand still isn't right, so it's another left-hand made card.

Thanks for looking. 
Karin x


Carol Q said...

that's brilliant Karin! love your metal work. I've done similar things for Jack lol. Very happy 17th to Chloe

Francesca said...

It has turned out really well, and your metal work is fab. Love francesca

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

Its fabulous Karin. The metal work adds that special touch & looks so brilliant.
Hope she had a wonderful day!!

Kaz Brown said...

this is fantastic Karin, absolutely love the metal!

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