Sunday, 2 October 2011

Faux Rubbings

I'm following the art journal full of different techniques that Roni is producing. For full details please visit her blog. I'm a little bit behind and these are the first double page spread. I'm going to do some private journalling on these before I stick them down and they will going onto a black background. I found it best to use 80g printer paper for this anything heavier the rubbings weren't very clear so then I had to be careful not to over wet the paper. I really enjoyed doing this and will try it again in the future.
Thanks Roni for the challenge.


Carol Q said...

that looks very interesting Karin - I'm off to have a look

Paula Jane Atkinson said...

I agree, looks very interesting. Nice pieces, Karin.

Chris said...

Like these, Karin. Lovely colours.

Just popped over to Roni's and it looks like an interesting technique. Will have to give it a try.

Alison said...

These look fabulous Karin, thanks for the link x

Kaz said...

these look fab, I'm so behind with this I've only got gesso'd will have to look, cos this looks great. x

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