Tuesday, 31 May 2011

ArtsyCrafts “Fresco Lifestyle" 3rd Project

This project was called let's get plastered and had me sent to the naughty corner lol At first I wasn't too sure about the lock when others had more interesting shapes but doesn't it look perfect with the stunning flower border. I shocked myself in choosing brown for this project not only is that colour outside of my comfort zone I really do have an aversion to most shades of brown. The London Night is a scrummy purply brown and the mushroom is that beautiful pink beige of real mushrooms, very aptly named.
I thoroughly enjoyed this artsycrafts event there were so many people there from previous events to catch up with plus a few new people to craft and party the weekend away with.
If you want to see any more details have a look at yesterday's post with links to Lin and Leandra's blogs and shops.


penibear said...

Love that background Karin! Is the lock one of those metal thingys? I'm sure we had an Artmould exactly like that.

Kaz said...

this is really stunning karin, i love the lock and i love the shades of brown you used!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog again. Love to see all the beautiful pieces you have made over the weekend. It felt so good seeing you again. I have had a wonderful time thanks to you and all the other very kind ladies.

Chris said...

Karin, I love the projects you made but this one is especially outstanding. Love the colours and the embellies.

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