Friday, 2 October 2009

Vintage photo frame folders

I had so much fun playing with these Vintage photo frames. Unfortunately the scanner makes them look a bit flat and the colour is never true.
This first one has gone to Penny a forum friend who is recovering from a major op. Hope you have a speedy recovery. xx
Here's the outside

This second one went to Chris who kindly did the organising of some goodies to hopefully make Penny feel better. Thank you Chris. xx

Here's the front


Carrie said...

wow - these look great Karin - you work very well with the metal and its gives a great effect.

Chris said...

Karin, mine looks even better IRL, it's totally scrummy and is sitting on my PC desk so that I can keep admiring it. Thank you.

Love the one you made for Penny too.

joanne wardle said...

such lovely pieces, shame about the scanning

Kaz said...

I LOVE these Karin, both of them are gorgeous, I can't even pick a them a lot.

alcoholinky said...

they look gorgeous Karin. You are good at working with the metal. love the colours you've chosen too.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

These are addictive to make aren't they. And such a good size to work on to. Both beautiful.

Seona said...

Both are gorgeous Karin - you make such a lovely job of metal work!

Em said...

scanners do tend to do that but they both look gorgeous Karin :o)

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