Friday, 12 October 2007


This weeks theme on Saturday Stamper is DPOV- “different point of view”. Using the same stamp in different ways. Sorry the detail is lost in scanning.

Stamps Bravura


Saturday Stampers said...

these are great Karin, love the bookmark especially.
Kaz :o)

Em's Blog said...

fab Karin.. really love the bookmark especially too :o)

Sandy said...

Fabulous. So great. Love it.

Andrea said...

These are both fab but I especially like the bookmark

Paula said...

These are gorgeous, the bookmark will make a fab gift or if like me you don't have much of your own artwork about, keep it or yourself!!
They don't look rushed at all.
Since this challenge I am constantly looking at ways to use my stamps so it has proved an ongoing thing for me.

Debbie said...

Fantastic - the bookmark is ace... lovely stamp

Greensleeves said...

Fab work, love the gothic look of the dark piece.

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