Friday, 17 August 2007

For Debbie

This bracelet has been made from black clay, the larger beads are stamped on both sides (I think I was a little heavy handed and squashed them) then dusted with Pearl Ex powders and after baking sealed with varnish.


KraftyKitten said...

That is for me!!!! Wow... I am going to hound the postie until he delivers it - it is truly remarkable and stunning - I will wear it with pride... it is so beautiful... thanks karin xx

Gillian said...

wow karin, really great gift, love the depth of colour, truly stunning:)

Seona said...

Oh my word Karin - it is stunning!! Lucky Debbie!!!!

Zuzu's Blog said...


i want Karin next month :-D

very yum and I LOVE the colour..

Kaz said...

Karin this is gorgeous, I can't believe this is the first piece of jewellery you've made, I love it.

Em's Blog said...

I want one too!!!! this is just gorgeous Karin :o)

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